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Blade Tech Diamond Taper Steel

How To Use Your Blade Tech Diamond Taper Steel™…

1) When sharpening strap cutters, serrated blades, hoof knives & spoon carving knives, simply use the Blade Tech® Diamond Taper Steel in a forward, twisting motion away from the blade, matching the size of the blade (fig. 1) or serration (fig. 2) to the sharpeners diameter. Once this is done and if the blade has a bevel on both sides, turn the blade over and repeat the process. If the blade only has a bevel on one side then wipe the small burr off the back of the blade with one or two smooth light strokes of the steel.

2) Fishing hooks are sharpened using the groove in the side of the steel (fig. 3). 

3) The Blade Tech Diamond Taper Steel ™can also be used on most other knife blades and tools when used in the same way as a large, chef type steel.