Privacy Policy

  • Blade-Tech is committed to protecting your privacy. If you choose to place an order or contact us through the website, the contact information collected is: your name, your address, your phone number and your email address
  • Once transmitted from the website, other than your name and email address, no other contact data is stored on any computer system accessible from the web. This ensures that your other contact information can not be seen by any third party using the web to try to maliciously obtain personal data
  • Blade-Tech does not sell, rent or trade your details to third parties. The information we receive is solely for the use of Blade-Tech to process your order, answer your specific query or to update you with our own product information. Within their office, Blade-Tech store all contact information for mailing purposes within the guidelines laid down by the UK Data Protection Act
  • Should you choose to remove the contact details we have received, we will act on receipt of your instructions
  • If you should have any additional issues about your privacy not covered by this statement, please do not hesitate to contact Blade Tech